Flagstaff Junior Academy is a Free, Public Charter School offering well-rounded education for grades Pre-K through 8th.


Educating the whole child through academics, experiential excellence, and community.

Why Choose Flagstaff Junior Academy?

There are SO many reasons that students and parents love Flagstaff Junior Academy. To list a few…

Our Curriculum & Teaching Methods

 Our curriculum, Montessori-based at the elementary school, and an emphasis on experiential learning at the middle school, is fully aligned with Arizona’s College and Career Readiness Standards. On any given day at FJA, students may be reading about their peers in another country, learning about Algebraic concepts and how they apply to firefighting, or visiting a site in northern Arizona and applying the scientific method.

Our Community

Flagstaff Junior Academy strives to build a strong sense of community among our students, parents, and faculty. We also work hard to build relationships within our greater Flagstaff community.

Small Class Sizes

You will find that FJA has the smallest class sizes in all of Flagstaff.

Student/Teacher Ratio

Students Pre-K Through 8th

School Clubs & Sports

Years offering free public education to Flagstaff families

Parent Involvement

FJA encourages collaboration between teachers and parents. Parents can become involved in the FJA community by:

Reading school newsletters and emails
Volunteering in the classroom and/or for field trips
Attending school functions such as the Back to School BBQ and Parent Night
Joining the PTG Group
Attending monthly Board Meetings
Answering the Parent Survey that is dispersed once a year



Enrollment Application

If you are interested in your child attending FJA for the 2023-2024 school year,
please complete the enrollment application below.


All applications received by March 1, 2023 will be entered into the first-round lottery.
Families will be notified of student acceptance or waitlist status by March 10, 2023.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll my child at Flagstaff Junior Academy?

All potential students are entered into a lottery for placement at Flagstaff Junior Academy. Simply complete the enrollment application and you will be contacted by administration with information regarding availability.

Is there a way I can check my students grades and schedule online?

You can check your 6th – 8th grade student’s grades, missing assignments, attendance and more by logging into our electronic grading system?  We have a new Student Information System called Infinite Campus.  Login information will be coming soon!

How can I volunteer at FJA?

Each classroom and campus has different needs but all appreciate and welcome volunteers.  Contact your student’s teacher directly regarding volunteering in the classroom. Please note you will need to complete our volunteer screening process prior to beginning, check with the front office to obtain more information!

How do I access the calendar for upcoming events?

Please visit our Events Calendar for a full list of FJA events.